Sid the Science Kid: The Ultimate Guide to Sid’s Adventures on Television

Sid the Science Kid is an animated TV series that encourages pre-schoolers to engage in science.

Sid the Science Kid follows the adventures of a young boy named Sid, who uses his natural curiosity to explore science.

The show is an animated PBS production produced by The Jim Henson Company.

It is aimed toward pre-schoolers and encourages kids to explore science in their own lives.

Now, Sid is a youngster who likes to feed his curious mind with answers to his questions. He uses comedy to counter question other people about elementary scientific principles.

The conceptual motive of Sid is primarily based on National Science Learning Standards, Cognitive Learning Theory, and preschool science curriculum. The primary ways to science

Why Do Bananas Go Bad?

Sid is a curious boy, and he wanted to know the prime reason behind the banana going brown and mushy. 

As a result, he explored why vegetables and fruits change colour, taste, shape over time. And, he learned that it is absolutely normal for bananas to ripen and turn mushy. That is how his journey began.

My Mushy Banana – Sid The Science Kid – The Jim Henson Company

How Can I Get NHPBS For Free Over the Air?

To receive NHPBS free over the air, you have to get yourself a TV set and mount an antenna on top of it along with a digital converter.

If you are ready to install a DTV but are still facing trouble while receiving your native PBS station, do not wait any longer; contact your local PBS station.

How Can I Find NHPBS Channel on My TV?

You can find the New Hampshire PBS channels in:

Channel NO.: 11.1 – Quality – 720p (NHPBS) – Main Programming. 

Channel NO.: 11.2 – Quality – 720p – (NHPBE) – NH explore.

Channel NO.: 11.3 – Quality – 480i – World. 

Channel NO.: 11.4 – Quality – 480i – Create.

Channel NO.: 11.5 – Quality – 480i – Kids – (PBS Kids).  

Is It Good For Learning?

No wonder Sid, the Science Kid, is a good program that promotes learning. It engages your little ones in educational practices and improves their cognitive functions. 

Furthermore, the NHPBS also features Brainpop and Storyline. The BrainPOP produces animated shorts and quizzes for kids and an online Storyline where many celebrated actors come ahead and read children’s storybooks.

What’s The Big Idea?

“What’s The Big Idea?” is actually a question that Sid has in mind when anything that has to do roughly with the problem.

How Many Of You Have Kids That Love PBS Kids?

The PBS Kids is an exciting channel for children. It features Art Pals, Froyo Stand, Birthday Buddy, Adventure Stories, Curious Campouts, etc. 

No wonder it a great channel, and almost all kids love to watch the shows and take part in the educational sessions. I believe it broadcasts productive shows that prove to be engaging for children, and it is one of the channels that children genuinely love. 


To sum up, I firmly believe that the show “Sid: The Science Kid” is one the best shows for children. Not only does it keep children involved, but it also helps children to diversify their perceptions. 

And, the NHPBS kids do an outstanding job with its animated educational shows in encouraging students to learn and be knowledgeable. These shows strongly influence students or pre-schoolers in understanding the fundamentals of elementary science.

Image credits: PBS Learnign Media

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