Science Videos for Kids: 5 Essential Videos for Learning Science

May 3, 2021

Kids love science and technology, but they don't always have the opportunity to see it firsthand. In this post, we've rounded up five science videos for kids to help them learn about science and technology in a fun and entertaining way. Each video is short, and to the point, so you can watch them all in a single sitting.

So, whether you're looking for a fun introduction to science, an engaging way to learn about biology or a video that will teach your children about chemistry, we've got you covered.

Science is a study to increase knowledge about the world you are living in. Science gives you the scope of learning new things. Science helps the kids to observe things and do them by themselves. Science is preferred to be learned hands-on, but for kids, science videos are also helpful.

How Science Benefits Kids?

Science benefits kids of all ages, and these benefits are enormous. This helps the kids to learn new things and also gain knowledge about a lot of areas. Science brings excitement to kids and indulges them in working on different science projects. 

Science nurtures a curiosity inside the kids about setting their goals for the future. Many science projects help in developing a child's planning, problem-solving. 

Science activities give the opportunity of developing skills and attributes. These include communication skills, team working, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

Kids learn science in an ideal way when you motivate them to build upon their developing science skills. Science teaches patience and perseverance. Learning science in early childhood gives the kids a vision of what could happen before they do it.  

They will also understand that everything will not work on their first try, and then they have to correct their mistake and try again. In the future, there are numerous job opportunities too.

Many people have heard the phrase "Children are natural scientists." The children's curiosity and their desire to make the world a more predictable place certainly make them explore and make conclusions from their experience. 

They need guidance on turning their curiosity and activity into something scientific and creative. Science learning begins with interest. The observations and questions always create a climate of discovery. 

Ways of Learning Science

The best way for kids to learn science is by doing science hands-on, but quite a few times, it is not possible, so we have come up with the idea of learning science by watching videos

When kids watch elders perform experiments, it encourages them to learn about what’s happening. Kids are inquisitive about the world around them. At a very early age, they ask different questions to their parents, and they do this as they may have to face it in the future. 

Kids are quick on the uptake and observation, think, and do the work. Kids, while learning, come up with lots of factual questions, and in seeking genuine answers, they develop their science skills.

Kids learn science in an excellent way when we direct them to perform science hands-on to develop their skills, but kids have another way of learning: watching videos

Science helps children to gain interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Science helps them develop essential life skills and gives them the ability to communicate, remain focused, and give their own opinions after observation. Science also helps in developing the kids' overall awareness.

Some Essential Videos for Kids to Learn Science Without Hands-On

Some videos provide creative facts about science that are very easy for the kids to learn and gain interest in. Nowadays, kids prefer videos more than hands-on ones, so they watch videos and try various creative things. 

These videos can be really helpful for young minds to explore the world of science

#1 Storytime Science for Kids: The Moon

 This video is about the Moon, and it is produced by Exploratorium. In this video, we will watch Vivian Altmann reading the book "Moon! Earth's Best Friend". This book is written by Stacy McAnulty. 

In this video, Vivian Altman tells us about the formation and history of the Moon. 

Vivian says, meet Moon!  

She's more than just a rock, but Earth's her best friend on whom she can always count on. In this video, the reader tells from the perspective of the Moon. 

This video is quite a long one, but an interesting one, and kids come to know about the Moon and its phases. Here, the reader also reads about the relationship between Moon and Earth, the distance between them, and many other related things. 

#2 Storytime Science for Kids: The Sound Episode

This video is also produced by the Exploratorium, and the reader is Vivian Altmann. 

In this video, she is reading "Oscar and the Bat." This book is about sound, and the author is Geoff Waring. In this video, when the reader will read the book, she tells a story. 

In the book, the bat will help Oscar learn about different sounds and differentiate between them. The cow also allows Oscar to hear the difference between loud and soft sounds, near or far, deep or high. 

The duration of the video is of 25 minutes and 37 seconds. Here Oscar comes to know how different animals can make sound and which part of their body helps them make the sound. This is a stunning video for the kids as they learn about the sounds and see the animated pictures of the animals, which will gain their interest in animals. 

#3 Storytime Science for Kids: The Color Episode

 This video is about colors and rainbow. The Exploratorium has developed many science videos that help children gain interest in the world of science. Vivian Altmann likes to read books, and she also wants the kids to learn science and achieve something big in their life. 

In this video, she reads, "Black is also a rainbow color." It tells about a girl who wants to know why black is not in the rainbow. 

There are seven colors in the rainbow, but why is there no black in the rainbow. Kids will love this video as the video shows different colors.

#4 Storytime Science for Kids: Math

This is also an interesting video produced by the Exploratorium, and it's about math. In this video, Vivian reads the book "The Cookie Fiasco," which is about four friends. There is also an interesting activity of turning a greetings card into a gift box with a top and a bottom. 

She reads that there are four friends, hippo, croc, and two squirrels, and they all want an equal number of cookies, but there are only three cookies, and they have to find a solution before their friend hippo breaks the cookies into crumbs. Kids will learn about math and also friendship in this video. 

#5 Storytime Science for Kids: Shadows

 This is a video about shadow by the Exploratorium read by Vivian. In this video, she reads the book "Moonbear's Shadow." There is also an activity, i.e., shadow mapping. In this video, she reads how a bear wants to get rid of his shadow.

One day the bear went fishing, but his shadow continuously kept scaring the fish. Bear tries everything he can do to get rid of his shadow, and at last, he succeeds, but he finally thinks that his shadow is his best friend. This is also a lovely book for kids to learn science.


Science is a fascinating thing and helps to gain knowledge about the whole world. Science is preferred to be learned hands-on, but there is no harm in learning science by seeing videos. These videos may help your kids to gain knowledge in the field of science and also, they can decide about their future.

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