Science Online for Kids: A Guide to the Best Sites

May 7, 2021

One thing that makes parenting hard is having to make life-changing decisions on behalf of our children. Unfortunately, that’s even the case when we are not experts but still, have to ensure that we make the right choice at the end of the day. 

That’s quite a burden to carry but not this time because we got your back. So, if you’re looking for new science websites for your kids, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the top science sites for kids.

So, whether you want to help your kids learn more about the world around them, create a science project, or explore their creativity, you’ll find something here to help you with your search.

Therefore, let’s discuss a guide to the best sites for science online for kids without much ado. Read on!

Benefits of Science Online for Kids

When you expose your children to science online for kids, they stand to benefit a lot. Here are some of the ways that the child will benefit from it, especially science.

  • It Helps Establish A Positive Attitude Towards the Science Subject

Kids tend to develop an attitude towards science, negative or positive, quite early. As a matter of fact, that deal is usually sealed by the time the kid turns 7. 

Therefore, you don’t have much time to ensure that the attitude by then is positive. However, science online for kids can surely help you do that.

  • It Helps Kids Develop Various Life Skills

In the process of learning science, kids develop a wide range of skills. For example, they learn how to solve a problem, reason, analyze a situation, and communicate. 

Other skills include patience, working as a team, and collaborating with others for the greater good. After all, the wise men once said that two heads are better than one.

  • It Is an Excellent Foundation for Advanced Science in The Future

Early years are the foundation of a kid’s education, and science is no exception. 

Learning about concepts in science ought to start early so that they can continue improving as time goes by. They should also begin thinking scientifically as early as possible for them to strive in advanced science later.

  • It Is an Eye-Opener

A better part of science revolves around the world, what lives in it, how things work, and how others come into existence. Consequently, as kids continue learning science, they start understanding various aspects of life. 

Sometimes it can be a life-saver because it teaches them about things that could endanger their lives. So, as a result, they avoid it, and that’s a great thing, especially for the sake of their safety.

Top 10 Best Sites for Science Online for Kids

Science online for kids has several gains, but you will need a site to enjoy them. So, to gain these remarkable benefits, which sites can be of great help? Let’s take a look at some of the best sites for science online for kids.

#1 How Stuff Works

This site isn’t specially designed for science, but rather various topics science included. As far as science is concerned, it has many articles on earth science, paranormal science, and life science. They also touch on space and engineering. 

However, they may not be ideal for kindergarten kids but rather in middle and high school.

#2 The Physics Classroom

As the name suggests, this site is a perfect place for your kid to learn physics. The next time they have a physics test, let him use it to study, and he will pass with flying colors if he studies well. It is also a great platform for the kid to improve his knowledge in the subject.

#3 NASA STEM for Students

It is a suitable site for science online for kids, especially those who like space-related matters. From the latest development to upcoming and ongoing missions, the NASA STEM for students keeps your child up to date. However, it is important to note that it is best suitable for high school kids.

#4 Population Education

Does your kid love or show interest in environmental science? If you are nodding, this site is the ideal platform for your child. It is where activists combine to advocate for environmental conservation. Besides teaching your child about sustainability, it also gives him the courage to do something about it. 

#5 PhET Interactive Simulations

This site is great for science online for kids, especially physics. Due to the adoption of the simulation aspect, the website is fun and interactive. The many simulators cover various physics topics, including quantum mechanics, waves, and circuits.

Besides physics, it also covers life sciences, chemistry, and Earth Science. However, the coverage is shallow compared to how much the site covers physics.

Nevertheless, it can be addictive, so the parent should monitor how their kid is using it. But, of course, the most addictive simulation is the spring one due to its much fun.

#6 Nova

This platform combines games and experiments and has a Lab. As much as there is something for every age, its design shows its primary target, the young lids learning science. 

However, it is also often sought out by science teachers, thanks to its high-quality resources and content.

#7 Mystery Science

Sometimes your kid asks scientific questions that you don’t have answers to. That’s where this site comes in, as it can serve as an excellent answering machine to science-related questions. In addition to answering those answers, it is also an ideal platform to teach your kid much more.

#8 NASA Kids’ Club

Like what the famous National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is known of, this site also revolves around space. It has various activities, images, games, and videos about space. Therefore, it will introduce and also teach your kid about space.

#9 SciShow

Watching Jessi and Squeaks the robot rat on this amazing YouTube channel can be informative. The channel covers many intriguing topics revolving around various scientific sectors such as animals and machines. This channel uploads new videos twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

#10 Bill Nye

Here, you meet the Science Guy, who has mastered the art of combining science and humor. So, before you conclude that science has to be boring, you better first visit Bill Nye. The guy already has a television show that’s about various science lessons. The site is simply reinforcing those lessons through explanations and experiments.

Factor to Consider When Choosing A Site Online For Kids

Given how long the list of such sites is, you might find yourself in a dilemma. 

Fortunately, this segment discussed several factors that can help you get out of it. Some have something to do with your kids, whereas others are about the site. Check them out.

Which Age Is the Site Geared For?

Various sites have different levels of complexity. After all, they are made for kids of various grades and ages. As a matter of fact, most of them specify the ideal grade for their users. Can you imagine a kindergarten kid learning science online for kids in middle school or high school?

The child will most likely not crack a thing. Instead of helping, it will stress your child, eventually doing more harm than good.

Can You Track the Progress of Your Child?

It would be unwise to let your kid continue using a site for science online for kids without pausing even for a second to wonder whether he is making any progress. Therefore, looking for a site that allows you to track the progress would be nice. 

Nevertheless, this feature may have its downside. Some sites use levels to track the progress of a kid. As much as it may be good, some kids chase after it too much that they overlook the bigger picture. 

Therefore, they forget that the main importance of the site is for them to learn and not to pass levels.

How Safe Is the Site?

Does the site have a chat room that even a stranger can enter and interact with your kid? If so, that could be a recipe for disaster in the long run. Some people are too malicious to be near kids, and you need to protect them from them.

The platform shouldn’t be linking outside it because it is no secret that the internet also has a bad side. If your kid starts browsing insecure and unverified websites, he might land in trouble sooner or later.

Last but not least, the site itself should be safe. The site owners shouldn’t collect information from your child unless you give consent.

Does It Offer Anything Extra?

What’s the need for looking for a site that offers something your kid can access elsewhere? That’s why you need to look for one that offers more. For instance, ensure that it allows room for experiments and promotes various skills, both life and hands-on.

Is It Educational Indeed?

Not every site offers what it purports to. Some only use education to lure kids without your resistance. Unfortunately, this is a common thing when it comes to games. 

Therefore, you have to take it upon yourself to confirm if the site is educational. Don’t trust its word blindly because, again, you never know until you confirm.

Does It Show Ads?

Ads are intriguing by design hence catch the attention of many people almost right away. Therefore, there are high chances that the kid might be distracted for the better part of the studying session. 

In other cases, the ads may not be kid-friendly. What’s the need to expose your kid to indecent content in the name of science online for kids? It isn’t worth it any bit. So, again, choose wisely.


Teaching your kids science has some benefits you shouldn’t let your kid miss out on. That’s why you should teach them the subject, and one excellent way is giving science online for kids a shot. Lucky for you, you will be spoilt with options when looking for sites that do that job well.

This article eases that task significantly. First of all, it gives you a discussion of some of the best sites worth considering. Secondly, it discusses things to consider when choosing the best site for your child to learn. Finally, the factors allow you to narrow your options even further.

All that information is enough to help you choose the best science online site for your kid.

Image credits: NASA Kids Club 

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