What Is The Goal Of Technology And Science In Our Future?

April 23, 2021

In this article, we will discuss the purpose of technology and science is in our future. Also, we will discuss the impact of curiosity-driven research and technology used by the people.

What is the impact of curiosity-driven research?

Many scientists and also scientific groups have been doing new researches recently. There are many examples out there in the world which you can see and know about curious research. Like in the year 1993, there was the celebration of the hundred years of the physics review journal.

The major part which was described in the book was the matter of basic research. There was a different kind of fundamental in the physics review journal. This journal was written by the esteemed Ernest M Henley and Robert K Adair. They first were researching how lasers penetrate through different rays of light.

This research was cancelled by the physics community and told them to stop it. But if you see nowadays, the laser has many uses in the military, navy, army, and also the air force. Some articles were being made on nuclear magnetic resources.

They were also researching the superconductors, which can be cooled very easily. This was being researched to make the machine more effective and less time-consuming. Then in the year 1992, Ernest L Eliel, the president of the chemistry community, wrote the basics of research.

This has the work of Thomas Edison and also other greater inventors about how they did this research. Then in the biology section, there was the research going on in the drug cartel. They were finding a cure for cancer that occurs due to heavy drug abuse.

What is the technology used by people?

Modern society is designed in such a way that government supports those things which are beneficial for the people. There are private and also public research companies that are working on different kinds of projects. The most commonly used technologies by man are phones and also cars.

Public companies take money from the public to research different things. With more technology being invented, people are getting better services than ever. This is gain of convenience, security, recreation, health and also other things.

Some machines are being made to diagnose the heart rate and also other functions. The term technology suggests industrial science because they use the method of trial and error to get a good result. The first evolution started with man using stones, rocks, and other things for their survival.

But nowadays different things are being invented which is making life easier day by day. With evolution, humans can build big machines and other machines.

What is the future of science, technology, and society?

Some important points should be recalled from the industrial science evolution. There are different kinds of benefit we have got from the developing technology. They are using public funds for everyone’s benefit and trying to make something new.

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