Best CRM For Consulting Firms: Which should you pick?

January 31, 2022

If you're in the consulting business, you know it's important to keep up with your customers and prospects. But how do you know which is the best CRM for consulting firms?

Veloxity's CRM for consulting can help you do this since it keeps track of all your contacts, provides tools to help you communicate with and tracks your prospects and customers. All these roles make it the perfect tool for a busy consulting firm.

This post is about the basics of CRM and ways to choose the right one for your business.

Your Implementation Budget

CRMs are available for various budgets, as you will shortly discover. These include free and paid options, such as Zoho and Hubspot, and more pricey options, such as Salesforce or Dynamics 365.

Therefore, you must first conduct a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis of the budget criterion before selecting the best CRM option for your organisation. This function compares the cost of time spent deploying the solution and the profits generated on an operational and sales level. A free solution that covers your sales team and requires a multi-week deployment might be more expensive than installing a solution that benefits sales, marketing, and customer service all at once.

A CRM Solution's Ability to Expand

Your firm develops as it expands. It would be best to guarantee that your CRM could grow with your business. The flexibility provided by modular CRM is a benefit that cannot be overlooked in the medium term since it eliminates the need to update the solution if the initial design no longer meets your demands.

Aside from this flexibility, make sure that your resources or implementing partner can enjoy the full benefits of this potential. A system that requires technical development to evolve with you or the requirement to acquire an extra license for each new module might quickly make project costs skyrocket.

Understand the Implementation

This part is the most critical. There will always be an implementation phase when modifying or introducing new software. In some circumstances, you may require the services of an independent expert or a staff member who is in charge of the deployment. In any instance, there will be a period of training and testing during which system issues will be worked out, and best practices will be developed.

Even if there are no external implementation fees, there are still charges connected with teaching your workforce about the system and importing your data onto the new platform. Implementation can incur significant expenditures and divert time away from your team's present responsibilities, so do not underestimate its influence.

Your CRM Requirements

This condition may sound obvious, but consider why you require a new CRM. What other requirements can you satisfy with this new tool?

While some systems improve performance in all aspects of your business, many CRMs concentrate on a particular primary industry, such as sales, customer service, or marketing. It is crucial to select a solution whose strength correlates to the most critical aspects of your business.

Inquire about Reporting Capabilities

While all CRM functionality is useful, the product's reporting features may genuinely help you outperform your competitors. The option to build reports based on your data will highlight your achievements, losses, and areas for development. You may believe your procedures are efficient, but statistics may suggest otherwise. Ensuring that your sales team is not frightened to enter correct client data becomes extremely useful in evaluating your company's appropriate items, services, pricing, and delivery needs.


Even if it appears to be the perfect option on paper, the software is still a poor decision if it is not in use. As a result, you must verify that the CRM you choose is simple to use in your team's work environment. A mobile version is one example of a significant benefit for employees on the go.

At the same time, your implementation team must guarantee that your staff are supported and instructed on using this new product. A system that includes training is a bonus for your company.

Best CRM For Consulting Firms Final Words

Choosing the best CRM for your company is a time-consuming task but critical. The considerations listed above might influence your decision-making as you begin your CRM evaluation. You may want to ensure that you select the best system for your business model because it can determine your business's success or failure.

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