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We are dedicated to introducing science to kids, and the people who love them. Our goal is to promote curiosity about the natural world by providing content that's both fun and educational.

Science Digest provides science-based articles, videos, and games to children in order to make learning about the world of natural phenomena fun.

The latest science news

Corporate Carve-Out: Minimize Disruption with IT Infrastructure Separation
When evaluating potential buyers of a corporate carve-out transaction, it's critical for relevant stakeholders to find a legal entity with a solid understanding of IT infrastructure. Carve-out deals can often take years to complete, involving complex transfers of data from legacy to modern, scalable solutions. What Are The Objectives Of Corporate Carve-Outs? Investopedia's main page […]
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Patient-centric clinical trials: Putting patients first
How To Develop a More Patient-Centric Trial Design Clinical trials are becoming increasingly patient-centric every year. It’s no longer uncommon for patients to play a part in the drug-development process. Today’s scientists handle their research subjects more ethically by tailoring their clinical research to their well-being. Patient-centric clinical trials must be practiced by every stakeholder […]
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Penetration Testing as a Service: Securing Your Digital Assets
In the current digital space, threats to digital assets are far more advanced than security systems can handle or even cope with. Hackers have major advantages on the online attack surface that IT security teams can barely handle. Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) allows security measures to get a step ahead of the curve […]
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What does an ENT specialist do?
A doctor of otolaryngology needs five additional years of training after they graduate from medical school. These specialists are excellent at the medical and surgical management of ear, nose, and throat conditions. In case you are facing any of these conditions, as a patient, your doctor may request you to book an appointment with an […]
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Understanding Biometrics
Biometric systems have become a major part of designing security systems in the current era of technological innovation. The security that such systems can offer to an individual or organization's data has led to its implementation in many forms of systems worldwide. From the safety of mobile phones to computer systems in offices and building […]
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What Is SAP Cloud Integration?
The SAP cloud integration was formerly called CPI. It is a service designed to develop new cloud-based applications or improve existing ones in a secure remote computing environment. SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services help you to connect cloud and on-premises applications to other applications that operate outside this environment. The incorporation also allows data to […]
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