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About Us

We are dedicated to introducing science to kids, and the people who love them. Our goal is to promote curiosity about the natural world by providing content that's both fun and educational.

Science Digest provides science-based articles, videos, and games to children in order to make learning about the world of natural phenomena fun.

The latest science news

SAP Rapid Application Development
SAP Rapid Application Development is a tool that was introduced by Mendix. It's intended to help businesses develop their apps faster. Over the last few years competitions has sprung up form Outsystems and Pillir[1]. We've outlined the basic steps you need to take and the tools you need to follow to build an application that […]
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What is ELN Notebook?
A computer application meant to replace paper laboratory notebooks is an electronic laboratory notebook software (also known as an electronic laboratory notebook, or ELN notebook). In general, scientists, engineers, and technicians use lab notebooks to keep track of their research, experiments, and processes in the lab. ELNs have a number of advantages over typical paper […]
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What Is A Scientist Video For Kids?
What is a scientist video for kids? Do you have kids who are interested in science? Are you wondering how you can be...
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Sid the Science Kid: The Ultimate Guide to Sid’s Adventures on Television
Sid the Science Kid is an animated TV series that encourages pre-schoolers to engage in science. Sid the Science Kid follows...
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Best Kid Science Labs: 5 Awesome Science Labs for Kids
We've compiled a list of the best kid science labs for your home. We'll also explain how to use these science labs...
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Science Experiments for 10 Year Olds: 10 Cool Science Experiments for Kids
Science experiments for 10 year olds are a fun way for kids to learn and explore the practical world around them.
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